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Last year I donated a painting for an auction and it’s changed my life!

I get asked several times a year to donate one of my paintings for different fundraisers. I’ve learned that it’s part of the artist gig, and to be wise about how I participate. When I do donate a painting I make sure the organization is one I believe in and then I go all out and make a painting specifically for the event. I see this as my opportunity to actually help people in some way.

In my heart, I have always had a desire to join a group that is doing something to help people on the other side of the world.   But I’m not a doctor, as I can hardly handle putting on a band aid. I’m just too squeamish. Nor am I at a place in life to donate money to those who can go. I am an artist.  I’m dedicated to becoming the best one I can be.  As an artist, what I can do is help raise money for others that can go and heal people.  This is my way of joining in and helping our world.

Last year I was asked to donate a painting for ‘s first Sight Night . is a group who go to Togo Africa and perform eye surgeries on the blind.  I was moved by the idea of art helping to bring sight to the blind and decided they were a group I could get behind. For their event I created a painting, as a continuation of a previous series of paintings which were based on my view of the world around me when I am without my glasses. I made friends with this group  in the process of the event and fell in love with their mission. The event was a big hit and raised funds for 213 eye surgeries.  And my painting?  It raised enough for 8 surgeries! WOW!

I followed the trip they made last year and I now wanted to do even more. They post stories and pictures of the people our donations helped and this has inspired me to do more. So this year I’m involved with their next fundraising event.

In the process of making friends with several people in the group, I made a comment about not being able to go with them. “Why not?” It was that simple response I received and it changed something else in me!  I realized my reasons for not going were holding me back from doing something even bigger.

Something started to flow in my heart about how I could somehow add there view of the world to my art to share with others back in my world. It was a terrifying idea!  I realized this would shake my comfort zones and cause some major changes in my life.

I also knew then, that not following this dream was not an option. I have to go. I have to go and share these people’s story with others and help all of us “see”, and experience what it is like to be cured from blindness. The blindness in my heart and yours.




How can you support my trip and help me tell this story?

I need your help to make this happen!

I will be joining in 2018 for a 2 week trip to Togo Africa. I will be documenting everything while I am there and then work with to create a children’s book. I will also create a new series of paintings inspired by the trip.

100% of the proceeds from your purchases from my online websites will go directly to help me tell this story by going to Togo Africa.

Check out the links below to purchase prints of my art!



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