Cat shirts in the works

Ive been spending my free time working on getting these screens together, but its been slow going because of time. Ive only gotten my sketches together so far.

I like to do things by hand, old fashioned, but it usually takes a lot of concentration and time. Its worth it!!! I love the look of a hand painted screens for screen printing. It has  imperfections, but also it give the image soul in a way that computers just cant have.




I also thought I should include my Muses 😉

They have been quite interested in my current work……I think they know they are being captured into fashion.



More pictures coming soon!!





5 thoughts on “Cat shirts in the works”

      1. You should!! They are not tricky and Ive seen kits for screen printing before. It takes some practice at first (I practice on regular paper) but once you get it figured out it is not hard to make several. Ive had my art students, and my son, print them out to learn how (it helped me get more done too lol)

      2. That’s really cool! I love to try new things, so I might just need to do this. I never know when I’ll find an experience to add to a short story.

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