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Updates and new products (yes and those Cat shirts are finally made!)


Where have I been?

What have I been making?

Why have I not said anything about all this in almost a month?

Did I finally make those cat shirts?

Well that is a story to tell, and a long one at that. Long story short, I decided (after several convincing life moments) to go back to college!  I am back in school again, and I have to say I LOVE it! But it also means time is something I have very little of between my full time job, classes, home ownership, family time, and homework! I had an art show a couple weeks ago, my husband and I are part of an exhibit this week, and I have several art shows coming up soon. I will put up posts on all of them soon.

Oh and yes I made some shirts finally! Unfortunately/fortunately they are selling like hot cakes to anyone who comes by my house, and so I only have 3 to put up on my etsy shop!!! I have been stunned!

 10654122_10152642977122719_1183116776_n 10668278_10152642976652719_756629046_n 10668354_10152642976307719_1849028412_n 10681935_10152642976782719_1558183227_n 10695230_10152642976877719_1387321611_n

Oh I forgot that I also have prints! Im putting them up in my etsy shop now too!

 check them out at

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