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I am not a sculptor.

But I am becoming one!

Ive focused the last 15 years on perfecting my painting skills, and all my life on my drawing skills, and now Im starting up my skills in sculpture.

I came across the problem of too many options and too many ideas and so I decided to set some limits on my options on what to make. I decided that I would use only found items for my sculptures, but I still didn’t know what concept to attempt to portray. It was when my son discovered a lovely birds nest on a walk, that I found my inspiration!


Then I found a bunch of bamboo, and I knew I had a start.

I brought it home to work on it more and found that it was like a magnet, my son and cats would NOT stay out of it! If the cats approve, I must be doing something right;)

10660753_10152647686497719_1388876577_n 10668478_10152647984057719_602191759_n 10668741_10152650688962719_933668649_n 10681965_10152648204202719_1198192193_n 10695087_10152647683822719_328741740_n 10699098_10152648321537719_355925598_n

I’m not finished with it yet, but I’m having a blast!


2 comments on “Nests

  1. Deborah says:

    It is irresistible. I’ climb inside if I could.

    1. lisarachel11 says:

      You might be able to soon;) Pictures are coming soon, but I have found a tree to mold and add to! I am working on creating something that can be interacted with!

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