Finished Nest and an Upcoming Show

Out on a Limb, Lisa R. Horlander, found objects

This is my first completed nest.

I was inspired by the branch, which was given to me by one of my trees in my backyard. I loved how it twisted around like it was cradeling something. It only needed something to hug.  I decided to only use items that I salvaged or already had around the house, to keep the idea of a birds nest.

The nest started out of bamboo I bent and wove together into circles. I then started to tie and tangle string around the construction till it was a tight web. I added many more choice branches and gently nestled the nest into the branch.

I added spray insulation to coat the inside of the nest. It gave the feeling of something soft, fluffy, but almost internal and organic. I drizzled paint over some areas and then continued weaving the string to give it a lot of support, and to also make it thicker.

It is all balanced on a wonderful rustic scrap lumber I salvaged.

I finished the nest just in time to enter a local juried exhibit. I also included my mermaid paintings.

All 3 made it in (!!!!) and will be showing at Gallery Main Street, Down Town Tyler, till January! It has been a while since I was part of one of their shows and I am just delighted to get to be part of it!

10588842_10152576876372719_2079185807_n 10602927_10152577041362719_42832195_n

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