Art out of a tree?


Just a tree behind UT Tyler’s art  department right?

Nope its my newest sculpture!

I wanted to go BIG on my next nest sculptures, and had the vision of bending a tree to my will and weaving in the cut branches. I go permission and chose this lovely (overgrown) Sycamore tree.

First things first. I had to trim off most of the small branches off of the main branches, so that I could get in close to the tree!


Than I needed something to stand on to get closer to  where I wanted to be and to be level with the road. My dad helped me to create this platform.  We used found wood to build it, to keep with my ongoing theme of using found objects only in my nests (like a bird would do, and because I want to inspire creative thinking with our waist and not just throwing it away)


Next I recruited my husband and son to help me with the tree bending (we love the Avatar cartoon, and so many jokes of being a tree bender were made. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go look them up. Its worth it).



It now has the bare bones (and do you spy a heart in the picture !!?) and is ready for me to start filling it in with some other branches! Pictures coming soon!!

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