Birthday painting party! Horse painting in a dark to light technique.

I had the pleasure of being asked to teach a birthday painting party!

The birthday boy was one of my AWESOME students from last year. He wanted something a little difficult (so he had a fun challenge, and man did he accept and concur that challenge too!) so I came up with a horse painting that teaches how to build up white on dark to create depth.

10589987_10152570304402719_1309566220_n - Copy

I had them start with painting the background a nice aqua blue.In hind sight, I should have painted the backgrounds my self, first. It took the paint way too long to dry and we ended up putting them outside in the sun to finally catch up on time (we had cake and snacks while waiting too) Than I quickly used my per-made stencil to put the outline of the horse on and they painted it in with white, starting from the bottom of the jaw line down, and then filling in the head and than hair. Its important to fill it in in that order, so that the jaw line shows up darker.

10601228_10152570297727719_1679308707_n - Copy10578567_10152570301757719_855652059_n

Next I stepped them through adding more white upon the brightest areas and finishing with adding in some darker shadows (since they laid on the initial white pretty thick lol!)

 10595802_10152570294587719_98544280_n - Copy

Last we added some feathers (and other fun and silly details)

  10601094_10152570287392719_1874392143_n - Copy

I was COMPLETELY impressed with my class! They were a blast and captured the desired effect wonderfully!

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