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School is officially started up!

I feel like a spy or secret shopper, going from teaching people art to being an art student again.

Ive got my painting space started up, I’m making new friends (Most seem so darn young! They have not figure out how “old” I am too. This should be fun!), and I’m feeling situated. This second semester I finally feel like Im part of the group and understand the unsaid rules of the art department.

I’m also already gleaning a lot of great wisdom from my professors! They are incredible and Ive been trying to soak in how they teach and how they interact with the students. They are stretching each of us to think beyond our normal ideas, and it is invigorating to have someone’s wisdome and skill in the topic help me! I originally thought I knew what I was going to be doing but now I can feel that Im just on the brink of the idea and have a long way to go before I know for shure what will happen with my work 🙂

Well off to class, time to be a kid again, for a moment!

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