Organic layers and letting go

10505564_10153310086942719_5421278771470013246_nOne of the best (and hardest) parts of being an artist, is learning life lessons while building up my skills. 11079682_10153312002827719_3576644734836091708_n

I pretend each layer is my last, despite the fact most of each layer will not show in the end result. I was struck today with how much like life that is. Live each day to the fullest, but realizing that the next will cause you to forget most of the one before. Every moment has a beginning and is the end of the one before.11391465_10153310083197719_375150102655850360_n

But the results are worth it 😉 10476396_10153312006622719_7101517976193051559_n


These are not finished, but I am super excited to find how they end! Its like painting a story.

549236_10153311927572719_889809702506878407_n1609788_10153311996447719_484583148396498432_n 10357259_10153311925802719_8752595843469819885_n 11391394_10153299860202719_6604855574780107395_n

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