Kisses from a Butterfly Effect (a painting to help find a cure!)

To be auctioned off at the Tyler Cattle Barrens Gala, to raise money for the American Cancer Society
 Kisses from a Butterfly Effect
3 x 4 ft
mixed media (acrylic paint, gold leaf, watercolor, and neon paint, on canvas)

My focus and inspiration in my art is to capture the excitement and beauty of the light, movement, and colors in nature. I am fascinated with how light changes and moves in wind swept leaves, or across the ripples of water. I try to capture this in the colors and organic brush strokes I use.
My hope for this painting is to invoke a sense of peace and rest, by creating a type of habitat where the children’s butterflies can live.
Why butterflies? Its a reminder that it only takes one moment, where one person makes a discovery that brings about the change needed to change the world and find a cure. These butterflies are special, like the children (survivors of cancer) who painted them.

DSC_0067  DSC_0063 DSC_0062 DSC_0059

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