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Whew what an event!

I had the pleasure of being part of this art auction, but also the adventure of painting live during it!

My handsome date (my husband) took some short Instagram videos of my process for you all to enjoy the experience.


After a mini road trip, we set up and got pretty. The air was smoldering, but the energy was full of anticipation.11825739_1109773995699494_366955357666521887_nI started out with 3 layers already painted on…11221786_1109864689023758_2836933649306650782_n  I then added some amorphic doodles in gold…IMG_9365


IMG_9367I added a layer of cream reflective movement over it all…


And finished it off with a layer of white honeycomb and then hot pink honeycomb layers.


4 comments on “Live painting at Random Art Gallery in Dallas TX

  1. Deborah says:

    just beautiful! love the way the painting suddenly comes to life!

    1. lisarachel11 says:

      Thank you and what a lovely description!

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