I might have stumbled into something!

It started by accident while I was getting the gesso onto a newly stretched canvas. I decided to save a few steps and add some color in with the gesso.

I start out with acrylic paint, and then build up the oil paint after.

10626524_1138276689515891_4625694854253939704_n 11219220_1138277246182502_5293119983703047673_n

The depth was wonderful and I knew right away that I could add some of the details Ive already been experimenting with.


The result inspired me to start some others right away.

But alas I have not been able to capture that initial “WOW” I found with the first (but Ive also been using premade canvases, and that might be what is holding me back)

12032159_1138730856137141_3436658604000337592_n 12038527_1139436549399905_8925860541556510475_n 12088355_1142953889048171_641383202122310393_n12063464_1142980959045464_3318401074154120916_n


my paint pallet is getting interesting!


This painting has only gotten this far……….but Ive added many layers so far.


Some testers


This one I decided to base off of clouds, and it has taken its own direction also

12074972_1145978062079087_4601454955020497931_n 12096591_1145978898745670_3480527486657322365_n  12106846_1147744888569071_1943523155684122353_n12096613_1149306041746289_3632374837506680049_n

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