Truly blessed

Sometimes  in this crazy life we have the delight to stumble into a great thing and meet people who change our world.

When I started college way back in 2003 (yeah don’t do the math) I just wanted to do something in fashion. I had some amazing professors who believed in me, and coached me on, and made it all FUN! It was amazing to me the kind of job they had. A job where they got to help kids like me, who had not a true clue about life and were filled with weird ideas (why would I want to do fashion? I dressed like a hobo at the time), and inspire them to do more than those tiny dreams.

It marinated in my heart for years, this idea of what my professors gave me………..and made me want to have a job like that. I started to dream of having a job were I could push others to build a bigger dream and truly build on it. Derick White was one of those professors who pushed me and made it fun to do things that can be difficult. I guess its a two way street with teaching. He wrote some super nice words in an interview with me last month (you can read them here )and it reminded me why I want to be a professor 😀

Go build those dreams!

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