Spring semester at its close

Another semester finished and only 2 more to go. I have masters programs staring me in the face and the realization that my long, delayed, journey through getting my Undergraduates degree actually has an ending. I am both amazed it is almost here, and broken hearted. I LOVE being in college. I know getting my masters will still be college, but also that it will not be the same.


This semester my skills were stretched and I dived into mediums I have loved but avoided because of my dislike of framing. I discovered I need to embrace framing if it allows me to speak in the languages of these mediums 😀


I indulged in watercolor, charcoal, and my usual oil paint. I discovered new visual ideas in these mediums and realized I need to push myself next semester, to find a way to include realism in my art or not.

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