Adventures in Texas Art

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting someone willing to go the distance to connect Texas Artist and the Texas identity, literally!

Leslie Moody Castro,an independent curator working as the curator and Artistic director for the Texas Biennial with Big Medium, is on a journey to connect art and the artist in our large and diverse state so that she could better curate the show. She decided the best way to do that was to go on a road trip around the state. If you have traveled across Texas before, you will know this is is more of a quest than a simple summer road trip!

Tyler had the pleasure of being one of her stops and the University of Texas at Tyler. I was there in the studios working on my tea bag prints and other experiments when some of our local artist community brought her in. We took her around the studios and to the Meadows gallery on campus. It was in a moment where we were all sharing fun stories about local events from our past and the stories about the work in the gallery and our friends who made the work, that I realized Tyler had the artist community I have been dreaming of for over a decade since I moved back home. I was glad we were able to share that with her.

It was exciting to hear her stories of other parts of our state, and hear her excitement for her vision of the project.   Please enjoy her journey at

Source picture by Leslie Moody Castro at

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