I need your help

I will be joining Sight.org in 2018 for a 2 week trip to Togo Africa. I will be documenting everything while I am there and then work with Sight.org to create a children’s book. I will also create a new series of paintings inspired by the trip.

I need your help to make this happen!

100% of the proceeds from your purchases from my online websites will go directly to help me tell this story by going to Togo Africa.

I will be displaying my documentation drawings and watercolors during my trip. I cannot pack you all away with me and so I will bring the experience to you.

Check out the links below to purchase prints of my art!


I selected 5 of my most popular paintings for a limited edition collection on Vida .




I also selected many of my newest paintings for Redbubble , which I will leave up for sale after I have reached my goal, to raise money for future trips by Sight.org.





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