Solo Exhibit


My full body of work is back where it all started. In my hometown of Tyler.


I have the great pleasure of showcasing 54 of my paintings, from the past 4 years, in the lovely exhibit halls in the estate of one of Tyler’s local art supporters, Michael and Lisa Lujan. It was beautifully installed and lit by the Tyler Museum of Art.

This exhibit offers a view into the growth of my research of the land that surrounds me. I have always marveled at the meditative quality and beauty of trees and when I started painting seriously they were an easy choice. I started out by experimenting with light through the atmosphere among leaves and the color changes in the transition of night to day and day to night. My research led me to explore the repeating shapes in the sky, plants, rocks, and other landmarks of my hikes in my own neighborhood, the setting that makes up my story.

I started to take notice of how my own familiar landmarks, the lovely wild trees, and growth, are being affected by human expansion. This came as a shock after a particularly lovely grove of trees by my house were suddenly torn down to make way for a new hotel.  I was heartbroken to lose that wild pocket of life and inspiration. My work took on a strong fever after that, to capture the joy I find in the land that surrounds me and makes up my story’s setting before it is lost.

Now I’ve focused on painting the spaces that surround objects to reveal the object itself. I focus on dendritic forms which entangle the picture plane and add complexity to the composition. My color pallet is determined by the transition of the season I am in and my location. While I was in NY my work changed with my setting. The grays and creams of a concrete jungle peek out from behind the stained wood to reveal trees and vines that I studied in my plein-air studies. Together my paintings hold this story of discovery and potential for what I have yet to find.

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