Listen in to our podcast! (WOW! I co-host a podcast!)

East Texas is full of history, tall Pine trees, football lovers, great Bar B Q, and a good amount of creative talent! I have spent many years getting to know many of the artists, musicians, and writers in my home town of Tyler and the surrounding towns and I have been so impressed with the honest excitement to CREATE! As I have started showing my art in the greater Texas cities and out of state, I’ve also realized how unique the art coming out of East Texas is! Both progressive in the way minds are questioning art, along with an obsession with craftsmanship. The work coming out of these small cities has its own flavor that seems unaffected by the popular ideas chased in bigger cities like Austin and NY. I’ve spent the last year obsessed with figuring out a way to showcase this and getting exposure for the creative minds I’ve been meeting.

etx creatives podcast     50119461_390704788360213_1436376959457165312_n

I joined with a dear friend, Adie Moore, to interview this talent! A podcast seemed the best way (and my husband happens to be an amazing podcast producer! What luck!) and we have been hard at work getting together with our friends and talking to them about what they are making and why.

Please check it out and look them up!


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