Together: 23rd Annual Membership Exhibition

My work is featured in:

The MAC presents the 23rd Annual Membership Show


Where: The MAC
             1503 S Ervay St, Dallas, TX 75215
             Thursday – Saturday, 12:00 – 5:00
When: July 3 – September 4 2021
Opening Reception: July 3, 12-6pm

“With renewed optimism and gratitude to those who have provided support during a challenging time, The MAC is pleased to present the 23rd Annual Membership Exhibition, TOGETHER. At a time when society is beginning to emerge from a haze of uncertainty, having struggled to reconcile unprecedented loss, a national reckoning with injustice, and a shared sense of longing brought on by sudden isolation, we can see glimmers of hope. As we come together to remember, to listen and to be heard, we can begin to find occasions for celebration again.

The return of The MAC Membership Exhibition celebrates the creativity, strength, and diversity of our artist community. We come together to celebrate sharing ideas, to allow the power of art to heal and unite, to communicate and to represent. We come together to unapologetically delight in beauty and to renew the joy of discovery.”

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