Not Responsible for Lost Socks: Pop-up Exhibit in Gallery S14 at The Cedars Union, open July 9- Aug. 20th

The exhibition’s opening reception:

Saturday, July 17 from 6 – 8 pm.

Over the summer I have been part of a curatorial team at The Cedars Union with Brantly Sheffield, Laura Lawson, and Catherine Cornelius. We are proud to open up our first exhibit together in the new micro studio at The Cedars Union S14.

The exhibit plays off of the familiarity of sharing a communal space and the diversity of each individual. The work was collected from the artists blindly and gives the viewer a glimpse into each individual practice. 

The Cedars Union art incubator is beginning a series of pop-up exhibitions in a former micro-studio, now called Gallery S14. The inaugural exhibition, Not Responsible For Lost Socks, features works by Cedars Union studio artists installed throughout the space on a clothesline.

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