“My paintings pull into focus the areas between objects, revealing subjects in their own right within these negative spaces. In my work, I explore the contours and formal elements of bodies, mainly tree and human, observed from my plein-air studies of specific locations. By emphasizing the repetition of organic shapes and highlighting the relationship between light and changing color within a space, I attempt to share an intimate, sensorial experience of a moment in time with my viewer.”


Lisa Horlander’s fascination with nature grew from her childhood under grand old trees and magnificent skies in the great Piney Woods of East Texas. Her paintings explore contours within branches, by emphasizing repetition of organic shapes and the interaction of light and atmosphere.

Horlander has received The New York Universities Residency Scholarship(2018), The New Graduate Scholarship (2017), the Chris Lyons Scholarship (2016), and the Art Excellence award and scholarship (2015) along with Mayor Barbara Bass appointing her the Mayor’s Artist of the Year in 2012. She has participated in over two-dozen Solo, Group, and Juried exhibitions across the US. Horlander recently finished the prestigious New York Universities Summer Studio Residency and her first Manhattan show during the residency.

Horlander enjoys walks through the lovely woods of East Texas with her son, and being a guinea pig for her husband’s culinary experiments.


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