Summer time travel

The summer is coming to a close and its time to start gearing up for the school year. Its been a full summer of family adventures, opportunities, and precious rest. We did not get to go on any fancy vacations but we did get out of town several times for family events and here are… Continue reading Summer time travel


full life

Sometimes a moment cannot be fully enjoyed until I put it on paper. Documentation is something I have focused on and explored this summer. I have been interested in how capturing a moment, with a photo or on paper, creates a time loop. Its an illusion convincing us that we can enter into the moment… Continue reading full life

Graduation, Art Exhibits, and My Artist Talk

My last 3 years have been focused on completing my Bachelor's degree, and I finally have reached that goal! The pinnacle of this journey was my Senior exhibit, and below I share with you, my artist talk.  I am excited to be excepted into the University of Texas at Tyler's graduate program in the fall and look forward to… Continue reading Graduation, Art Exhibits, and My Artist Talk