Black Tie Bingo


Tyler has a great Downtown, and one event that takes place each year is the Black Tie Bingo. Its always a lot of fun, and sometimes they ask local artist to be part of the attractions.

Last year they had the theme of New Orleans, and they wanted to have artist like on Jackson Square and so I had the pleasure of being a part of the attraction  by doing caricatures. This year they had a Moulin Rouge theme and they asked me to return this year.

It was a great event and I got to capture the images of some fun characters.

(sorry the picture quality was not the best)

 10589052_10152577611582719_794130498_n 10608935_10152577611937719_1382898261_n 10609198_10152577611767719_1607534006_n

The best part of the night was Mr. Darcy looking date 😉


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