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Fall 2015

[Oasis from the chaos]
I have continued my focus on capturing the feelings and experience I have encountered in nature but have narrowed it down to the awe from light. What about light? Well, specifically the way that light looks through a mist, fog, clouds, and/or water when I have my glasses off (if you can see things past 6 inches clearly, then you will have to take my word for it). There are still hints of floral like imagery, but they fade out to just nuggets of colors hidden behind great smudgy patches of whites and grays. I also played around with the contrast of dark and light, having light coming out of the dark and vice versa. I’ve not sketched out a single painting but only started with the concept of emotions and light and dived into the paint letting my intuition lead the way.My hope is to create paintings that can remind the viewer of a moment they found peace and awe from something they viewed in nature. This life,  and goodness the world is full of too many negatives right now and I hope to counterbalance that a bit. I hope my paintings can be an oasis in the chaos of life.

Our individual view of a moment can be hindered by impaired sight, whether it’s a physical handicap or atmospheric conditions, which will determine how we visually interpret it compared to another individual’s insight. This could be considered a hindrance, or a luxury.

I wanted to capture the beauty that I find in these circumstances and create a sense of isolated tranquility away from the overwhelming details life bombards us with.

[Oil Paintings]

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