Spring 2015

[Nature in Paint]

My focus and inspiration in my art are to capture the excitement and beauty of the light, movement, and colors in nature. I am fascinated with how light changes and moves in windswept leaves, or across the ripples of water. I try to capture this in the colors and organic brush strokes I use. My paintings are not based directly form a picture or object I have seen, but rather the emotions and memory of those collective moments I have experienced.

[Oil Paintings]

Zenith, Oil on canvas, 4x4ft 
Diurnal, Oil on canvas, 4x4ft
Prevernal, Oil on canvas 36×48 in
Augere, Oil on canvas 36×48 in 
Vertumnus, Acrylic and Oil on canvas 36×48 in
Jim’s Tree (commissioned by his widow) Oil on canvas 36×48 in