Art Camp vs. Chaos



I held an Art Camp this summer, and we did many great projects. I started out afraid that there would be chaos in a place I needed to keep clean, but I got lucky with a trick I used.

I started the week out with putting down a large clean and new canvas drop cloth.

I told the kids it was clean now but  would not be that way by Friday. We hid under it playing some games (if your favorite color is blue, run out!) and then we all got a corner and layed it flat. We then started some projects, and in between each I would give them free draw time on the canvas. At the end of each painting time I would let them use up extra paint with finger painting on the canvas (only rule was they had to use their finger tips)

By the end of the week it was completely different 🙂

and the room was still clean!



IMG_8479IMG_8478 IMG_8481 IMG_8480IMG_8413IMG_8370   IMG_8410 IMG_8420    IMG_8414IMG_8417

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