Home Bound

Focused on finding growth within frozen time, this series explores trees from around my home isolated within Moon and House shapes.

I know each tree, I pass them during my daily walks. I am amazed how they have defiantly continued to grow within their confined ecosystems nestled between the urban growth. I found a connection to their survival.

I have had a fascination with isolation since my son was a toddler and I worked from home. The idea that home could feel like a prison was new then. During the pandemic I was faced with this in a new way, shared with the world, and I found it was more a time for incubation rather than a trap. How do you grow when your cut off?

Each time I’ve been faced with feeling ‘trapped’ I looked for retreat in simple changes. The colors of each sunrise were different, the Moon often appeared when I didn’t expect to see it, and the changes of the seasons became something I looked forward to observing as I had my regular morning tea. As I took many walks, similarly to when my son was young, I found comfort in the neighborhood trees which were growing despite urbanization in their long established ecosystems.

Bind-8×8 in-oil on discarded wood