Finding Space-Online Art Exhibit

You joined the exhibit!!

Please imagine a giant hug from me and pour yourself your favorite beverage!

Take a look around and please share your selfies with the art on social media (ok that last part might not work)! This exhibit might be digital but still, take your time and enjoy! It’s a weird time we are in but I hope this gave you a glimmer of fun in your day.

I truly look forward to seeing you in person soon!

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These works are based on trees from the creeks and storm drains around my neighborhood. I have taken many walks the last month, to get out of the house, and these trees have inspired me. The way their roots are exposed but still holding firmly to the earth or how some trees grow together keeping each other up. It’s familiar to me. It reminds me of how my community and family roots have helped to keep me standing, and how now I hold on to my family to endure the fear and anxiety of the unknown.

I am also obsessed with what I can see in the spaces in-between branches and the way light interacts with leaves and atmosphere. We have had many foggy days which have also been filled with the bright colors of this beautiful spring and I used those to inspire my color pallet.

I love working in reverse building my imagery in layers so that the background is the top layer. I start with an emotive abstract painting and then paint solid layers in between where I want the objects I portray to show, revealing the original marks.