Painting Parties

You have attended or heard about parties where you can have a good time painting with instructions, with your friends, but this is a little different.

I’ve taught classes where everyone copies my original painting and found most of the painters comparing their work to those around them to see who copied the original the best. That can’t be truly fun! You made something amazing and one of a kind but feel second best.

I offer an opportunity where we are not copying a painting but I lead you to see what your painting and put YOUR experience and view of that object onto the canvas. I still give step by step guidance on how to use and become familiar with the paint and canvas to create a finished painting, but I also give you some insights on how to look at something and figure out what to do to mimic what you see.

I also bring the party to you! If you are planning a big event or a small celebration, I  will bring the fun to you.


What you get:

  • 1.5 hour painting instructions
  • 16×20 in canvas for each party member’s masterpiece
  • paint, brushes, and the rest of the painting supplies
  • My finished work! The painting I create while teaching is included. Perfect if you are celebrating a birthday or bridal shower (or if you want something for your walls).


  • $45 per person (your down payment is subtracted from this) minimum of 5 people
  • $200 down payment (this secures your spot) at least 2 weeks ahead

snatch up your spot!

  • Email me at to secure your spot
  • Please give me at least 4-3 weeks notice. My schedule is booked up fast and so I need that much time to make sure your date is clear on my calendar.