2 thoughts on “Art”

  1. Lisa, I got one of your lovelies from the 6×6! I sit on the same row as Myra in Greg’s Sunday School Class, I made mention of the art sale….she said she had a niece who paints, oh, what’s her name, Lisa Horlander, oh, I think I got one of her paintings…..I bought 5. And I came home to check and sure enough!!
    I know Dace, she keeps me up on art happenings. I painted a few squares at Dory’s Garden. Yeah, I “painted”, brought my own shot class, dipped it in paint, did one called “Circles”….But it was for a good cause. Anyway, I can’t wait to hang up my pretty pictures. Hope to meet you one of these days.


    1. OH! Thank you for sharing! The 6×6 is such a fun show to be part of, but Ive never found out who brought one of mine home with them. What a treat!
      I hope we run into each other at one of the fun events here in town. I plan on haveing a solo show in the Fall or late summer so maybe there 😉

      thank you for sharing!

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