Hunger for Peace


I painted this pair of paintings for The Art of Peace, and the theme for 2014 year was ‘Hunger for Peace”.

The art exhibit was shown at the Tyler Museum of Art, which was an artistic goal of mine! My painting “All We Need is Love” made it in the show, along with my husband’s painting “Hunger for Peace”.

Growing in Peace

metallic acrylic paint on canvas

16×20 in.



All We Need is Love

metallic acrylic paint on canvas

16×20 in.



I struggled with how to portray this theme and keep my usual style of painting. I  gave up too. The next day I realized I was trying to hard and to just go with my gut and the vision for this painting and its sister one bloomed into my mind!

The background is metallic paint. I layered the green and blue in a way to mimic branches. I have been doing a similar process with my my “under a tree” paintings. In the process, I discovered it looks a lot like water waves and even like the earth is braided and knitted!  I love the concept that its braided together! There is a verse ‘3 cords braided together are stronger than one’ and I think that is exactly what the world needs to find peace and love 🙂

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