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IMG_8143Tree Layers

9×10 In


Acrylic on canvas

I have been playing around with paintings trees for years now, and my favorite way is to start with a dark background and painting around the tree. Its much more difficult to do, but the results are worth it. Its more free formed and you cant truly plan out how exactly you want it to look.

I also love the idea of painting a tree not by painting IT but by painting everything around it. It reminds me of how those things I surround my self with (family, friends, paintings, cats, town, jobs) display who I am.

IMG_8271Leafless Layers

9×10 In


Acrylic on canvas

IMG_8270Another version of layers in the background, revealing the tree.

I am getting some big canvases to play with this ides in a larger scale, but for now practicing to make the paint thicker and a little more loose with my brush strokes.

 IMG_8129Hidden Hearts

9×10 In


Acrylic on canvas

I have a tradition of painting 2 trees for IMG_8131wedding presents. This one I added some hidden hearts in the branches and roots (not sure why I never thought of that IMG_8130before!)

2 comments on “Layered

  1. These paintings are very magical and lovely. Fantastic work.

    1. lisarachel11 says:

      Shelley, thank you!

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