Siren’s song

Spangled Sea



I took my concept of layers and of the mermaid watercolors I had been playing around with, and let myself loose.

I started with spray painting the background with bright pastel colors. I added waves with gray and purple permanent markers. I than added layer after layer of transparent purple, tan, gray, and other colors in quick brush strokes. In between these strokes I added

many spray paint drips.


I added some iridescent paint and outlined some in white to be jelly fish.


I finished it with the blue mermaid, and outlined her hair in transparent  white paint to let her hair feel like it was lost in a dance with the waves.

Space Dreams, 2014, mixed medium - Copy

Space Dreams

This painting started out as another paintings by a friend. I don’t like to paint over art, but she wanted to sell it to me to use to paint on, so I made an exception. I was also inspired by the dark abstract image it started out as.


I added some bright spray drips. I then added some transparent layers of bright blues and greens.


I added her green solders and outlined her hair in transparent white to give her a fluffy fro, nestled with stars.


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