inBEtweens – series

inBEtweens is an immersive installation wherein the visual spaces between tree branches are tangible forms. With inBEtweens, Horlander challenges the viewer’s relationship with time, nature, and the space we live within to open up dialogue about what it is to be.

Home Bound – series

Focused on finding growth within frozen time, this series explores trees from around my home as metaphors for family strength, isolated within moon and house shapes.

Going Around – series

Part of the Home Bound series, these paintings focus on finding space to fully be apart of the world again. Painted on round, full moon, shaped canvases these paintings explore trees which are part of a thriving forest yet are still separated. I have paired colors which match sunsets rather than sunrises to symbolize an end, and looking towards a new start.

Solid Time – series

During the thick of the pandemic my focus changed as I experimented with my newfound limitations of space, ideas, and supplies. I clung to my routines to create some type of change in the endless amount of time. These unending moments begin to appear in my new experimental mixed media works as a way to make time tangible.

Tea Time – series

152 tea bags, printed with the tree confined in a house shape, connected so that the viewer walks this continuous series of days.

Node – series

Handheld connections between what we discard and the little details the define who we are.

Changing Shape – series

Finding the relationship between the object and the space inbetween.

Finding Space – series

Finding metaphors for growth and thriving from the wild ecosystems within my urban neighborhood.

Isolating Distance – series

The need to stay connected while physically distant became my focus within these paintings of negative space.

Focusing Between – series

Inspired by the spaces between branches when the atmosphere obscures what you truly see.

By Year

I am a mixed media artist
with an interest in spaces in-between and within.

My imagery starts from plein-air paintings of the green spaces within my city, which I bring back to my studio to explore. 







Early work (2004-2014)